Students Earn & Learn Helping Homeowners

Wildfire the 2003 Season
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Every fire season, we hear about homes that are destroyed because
they aren't protected by defensible space.

Saturday, a student organization decided to take matters into their own hands and protect local homes themselves.

The college students traveled from all over the United States to do this . . . cut brush and weeds away from populated areas in Lemmon Valley north of Reno.

"It gives us the chance to do something good and at the same time get
experience," said team member Jeannie Miller.

In addition to the experience, the students get a $50 a week food allowance. They say they're definitely not here to make money.

"Just learning how much something so simple could help someone so
incredibly much, that's why I'm here," Miller said.

For the past few months the crew has conducted free home evaluations. The owners of one Lemmon Valley home say their backyard was overwhelming . . . so the students decided to dedicate their afternoon to making it fire safe.

"We are clearing up all the extra wood in the backyard and raking up
needles and clearing cheat grass," said one team member.

While the homeowners didn't want to talk on camera they told us they are so thankful - and their neighbors agreed.

"It's only being responsible to the neighborhood, to the animals, and
to fire safety," said neighbor Nancy Doyle.

If you're interested in getting your house evaluated by the Fire Education Corps, you can give them a call at 885-6015.

The crews will be in the area until the end of August.