Woman's Body Found At Mogul

Washoe County Sheriff's Office
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A gruesome discovery Friday evening when a woman's corpse found near the train tracks in Mogul.

Deputies say a man out hiking found the body off Highway 80 at the Mogul exit.

Sheriff's deputies say the body was so badly decomposed that it offered very little information - all they know at this point is that it was a woman's body that had been here for some time.

The call came in shortly after five o'clock Friday. The man didn't want to speak on camera but he says he was out looking for cans when he stumbled on the body.

He says it was wrapped in a shower curtain. He described the body as black from decay - and he says he could see
an arm and what looked like a rib.

Deputies are treating this as a suspicious death.

"With the heat the way it is, there is some decomposition, it's hard to
tell it could be weeks or months - it's really tough to say," said Sgt. Dan Brown.

An autopsy was scheduled for 8 o'clock this morning. Investigators say they will look at dental records or DNA to try and identify this woman.

The area where the body was found is a public-access trail mostly used by mountain bikers and hikers and it gets a fair amount of traffic.

But deputies say the body was partially hidden in the brush so it could have been easily missed by people going by.