Airliners Diverted to Nellis Air Force Base

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Severe weather forced three commercial airliners carrying 452 passengers to land at an Air Force base near Las Vegas. No one was hurt and the flights continued on later.

The airliners, Southwest Flight 1973, US Air Flight 1121 and Delta Flight 1621, landed safely at Nellis Air Force Base instead of Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport.

The jets landed about 1 p.m. because of fast-moving severe thunderstorms, gusty winds and lightning. The jets left the base at about 3 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

Southwest officials said 133 people were aboard its flight, which originated in Albany, N.Y. It also stopped in Baltimore and Nashville, Tenn.

The US Air flight carried 175 passengers from Philadelphia while 144 people were aboard the Delta flight from Dallas.

Nellis is just north of Las Vegas.