National Hand Washing Awareness Week

It's National Hand Washing Week, and one way to get in the habit of washing hands is to start while your young.
Today Public Health Nurse Amanda Branhurst is taking her story of handwashing to four-year-olds at Sunflower Preschool in Reno in hopes they'll understand the importance of putting germs in their place.
To show the effects of hand washing, Amanda first puts a special powder on the kids' hands that can't be detected until she shines a black light on it. This helps the kids understand the concept of germs.
Then its time to wash their hands. She tells the kids to start washing their hand and not stop until they have sung the happy birthday song. The result, no powder, no germs.
This is the first time Washoe County Health Department has participated in National Hand Washing Awareness Week. Traditionally throughout the year nurses bring their message to childcare centers as well as adult classes.