More Diesel Vehicles on DMV List

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Smog checks are now required for additional diesel-powered vehicles, the state Department of Motor Vehicles said Tuesday.

The department said an emission inspection is now mandatory before registration on diesel vehicles with a gross weight rating of up to 10,000 pounds. The previous maximum was 8,500 pounds.

The department estimates 15,000 vehicles in Clark County and 5,000 vehicles in Washoe County will now have to be inspected. These types of vehicles are 1-ton pickup trucks and the largest diesel-powered SUVs.

Diesel vehicles fall under the same general emission rules as cars and trucks powered by gasoline. New vehicles are exempt on their first and second registration. All others must be tested if they are 1968 models or newer and are based in the urban areas of Clark and Washoe counties.

The department said it's mailing the first batch of registration renewal notices this week to owners of the newly covered vehicles.

Emission inspections are required for both a registration renewal and for an original registration after the transfer of ownership.