Forecasters Say Lightning Is on the Way

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Fire forecasters at the national weather service and the Bureau of Land Management are also tracking this storm, both by computer and by

Weather experts say the storms are on their way.

This is what is being forecasted for the next few days - fire and some people are predicting a lot of it.

"We will probably get several more fires starts out of this. The real
key is how many fires will we get in a short amount of time," said Richard Woolley of the BLM.

The answer no one can say for sure.

Crews at the BLM office in Reno are preparing for the worst.

A similar sight across town at the National Weather Service. Around the clock experts here are studying the sky.

"Typically we look at what's going on now. We want to know relative
humidities, winds, cloud cover, and tempatures," said meteorologist Jane Hollingsworth.

All of which could make the perfect recipe for storms.

"What we are concerned about is the outskirts of the storm. If you have
a rain shaft coming down you could get lightning coming down quite a
ways away from the rain shaft," she said.

When that happens it equals trouble.

Trouble in the form of lightning fires that have the potential to be deadly.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself.

If you hear thunder . . . take cover because lightning isn't too far behind.

And try not to use any electronic devices, such as phones. Experts say lightning is not predictable so take all precautions.