Judges Opt Out Of Tax Impasse

Nevada Budget Crisis
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Nevada's federal judges say they have no jurisdiction in the conflict over the state's budget crisis.

Their ruling, which was issued Friday, allowed the legislature to move
to what could be the last steps toward an agreement on a record tax

The Court lifted a temporary restraining order holding them to that two-thirds vote restriction usually required to increase taxes.

That gave new life to the tax bill passed Sunday by the Assembly by a simple majority vote.

This afternoon, the Assembly quickly shifted gears . . .abandoned debate and voted to stick with their version of a tax plan. A conference committee was named to negotiate a compromise with the Senate.

The Senate met for less than a minute, only to recess - no conference committee named. That was due to a procedural glitch - it had not received official notice of the Assembly's action.

That should take place early tomorrow, then the conference committees can go to work.

In spite of the court's ruling, the aim will still be getting a two-thirds vote.

Getting a two-thirds vote on a tax plan is something that has eluded the Assembly ever since this session began . . . 166 days ago.

The federal court action was brought by a number of Republican lawmakers, citizens and interest groups. They are appealing today's decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.