October Is Banner Month for Bettors

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Every Monday night, it's a tradition for Northern Nevadans to watch football right here on KOLO News Channel 8.

Local sports book managers say October in general is a sports fans heaven. Tonight I checked out all the action.

And I found it to be fast and furious. It seems like it never stops here in Northern Nevada.

You have a weekend of non-stop college and pro-football, then another game tonight. Sports book managers say locals are showing they're not afraid to spend money.

All this action is kind of dizzying. Wall-to-wall football, baseball, hockey, and "there's a murmur basketball is on the horizon," says Reno Hilton race & sports book manager Tom Sullivan. "It's an exciting time for a sports fan in general."

And, it's a exciting time for sports books.

October is a difficult to judge how well places like the Reno Hilton are doing this year - because so much is going on.

"The volume has increased because more people are now free with their money and they're coming out in numbers," Sullivan says.

Like Saturday, it was standing room only in front of all the big screens.

Paul Eaton wanted to see if the Marlins could beat the Cubs. "I don't bet on my teams. I think i jinx them if i bet."

Well, Florida lost that game helping out the casino for all those people who bet on the Fish.

But, some people are winning. "Every once in a while a take home a little bit," says bettor Larry Hodin.

Hodin says there's nothing wrong with that - as long as sports fans contribute to the tax base in Nevada.

And, they do . . . every time they bet, win or lose.

This is interesting...even though the bay-area teams are out of the baseball playoffs, there's still a good following for the Red Sox and Cubs in Northern Nevada.

Sports fans say that's because of all the good story-lines with those teams.