395 Outside Bridgeport Reopens After Chemical Spill

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BRIDGEPORT, CA - US 395 was rendered safe by emergency crews after being closed due to an incident Saturday morning that involved a hazardous material spill from a commercial motor vehicle. At approximately 8:30 PM US-395 reopened to through traffic.

A spill of roughly 30 gallons of hazardous chemicals. It is estimated to be about a 20 foot by 30 foot spill on the ground along Hwy 395. Crews are on scene and an out-of-area Hazmat company is enroute to help with the clean-up effort.

There have been no injuries in this incident but the driver and two others were exposed to the hazardous chemicals. They have been transported to a local hospital, evaluated and released.

The residents of Bridgeport that live around the spill site were evacuated and a shelter was opened at the Bridgeport Elementary School.