Effects of Tax Impasse Far Reaching

Nevada Legislature 2003
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The 165th day of the 2003 legislature brought little in the way of progress toward an end to the state's budget impasse, but its effects
are being felt elsewhere in the state.

The stalemate in Carson City has been causing some problems in schools throughout the state . . . primarily in delaying the hiring of new

Bigger impacts may be just beginning.

The Nye County School District has become the first in the state to announce a delay in the start of the school year, moving it from August 18th to September 2nd.

The reason is the inability to fill 26 vacancies and buy supplies and

Elsewhere , a rally in Las Vegas marked the beginning of a drive that
could lead to a recall of six of Nevada's Supreme Court justices.

The coalition of conservative groups angry with the Court's ruling that the Legislature could complete its work without the two-thirds rule will be launching the effort.

The coalition is also seeking initiatives to bar public employees from serving in the Legislature and banning political contributions from the gaming industry.

One gaming lobbyist says that would raise serious constitutional issues.

In the meantime, there was little movement here at the Legislature.

For now, the Senate abandoned any further efforts until something
passes out of the Assembly. That came as a disappointment to Speaker Richard Perkins.

The Assembly did finally pass a measure at its afternoon session, raising Secretary of State's fees. It was a small part of the budget impasse, but these days that counts as real progress.

There was no ruling today from the federal judges in Nevada on a
suit brought by some lawmakers and citizens seeking to nullify that
decision by the State Supreme Court.