Art Seeks Justice In Courtroom

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Art meets justice this weekend as Artown enters the courtroom. The Nevada Opera is holding a musical performance in the Washoe County Courthouse, courtesy of District Judge Peter Breen.

An Artown first . . . opera in the halls of justice.

"The name of the play is Trial By Jury," says actor Joshua Lindsay. "My ex-girlfriend, the plaintiff, is suing me because of breach of promise."

The Nevada Opera comprises the cast of this musical by Gilbert and
Sullivan but 30-year Washoe District judge Peter Breen makes a cameo appearance.

It is after all his courtroom.

"There has never been a performance in this courtroom of this type or
any other type, it gives me a chance to hang around some very talented
people," Judge Breen says. "Everyone who comes to the show will die laughing."

Another bonus for the audience is the intimacy. This courthouse only
seats one hundred people so the audience gets a chance to be up close
and personal with the cast.

"You're much closer - you have more of a chance to play to the
audience - you feel the excitement and you feed off the audience," says actress Michelle Norris.

It's marriage and mayhem and of course . . . with a surprise ending.

"You'll be sorry if you miss it, Ii guarantee it and I'm a judge - I don't lie," says Breen.

But he sure does drink like a fish . . . in the play, that is.

The opera takes place at the Washoe County Courthouse in
Department 7. You can catch one show tonight at 7.

The play repeats twice on Saturday and again on Sunday.

Seating is first-come, first-serve and all performances are free.