Sisters Reunite After 50 Years

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Imagine how terrifying it would be for young children to be abused and abandoned by their parents in hotel rooms, over and over again.

That's what happened to the children of two alcoholics, until the state of Nevada finally took them away.

That was more than fifty years, two of the separated siblings are reunited.

56-year-old Candice Euler says the abuse that she and her two brothers endured at the hands of their alcoholic parents would land their parents in prison, if it had happened today.

"We were taken away seven times before the State of Nevada kept us," Euler says. "And what they would do is leave us alone in hotel rooms because they knew people would complain about the crying."

In 1952, the three kids were separated and adopted. Her biological parents went on to have three more children that Candice never met.

"It's really strange," Euler says, "because you think you're all alone and you never think you'll find them. Ever."

After searching for decades, Candice's big brother ended up finding her, and together they located two sisters they've never met. Younger sister Maggie booked a ticket from San Diego to Reno as soon as she got the call.

"I wanna spend some time with my sister," Maggie says. "I'm just glad to be here."

Their matching eyes, noses and hair color made it easy for them to spot each other for the very first time. But anyone unfamiliar with their story, would assume they've known each other for a lifetime...because of their affection and laughter.

"It's's real now," Maggie says. " We're all whole now. A completion of the circle."

Maggie says she packed a suitcase full of photos, to share a lifetime of memories with her long-lost sister.

"We're gonna go meet my daughter," Euler beams. "Have some coffee and lunch. See where I was born. We're gonna go to the cemetery...we lost our younger brother. He passed away before the adoption was final in 1955. No one met him but me, and he was darling. But we'll go say hello anyway."

It took the two sisters over half a century to find each other. Now, they say, they'll never be apart again.