Sun Valley Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Minor

Washoe County Sheriff's Office
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A 23-year-old man from Sun Valley is in jail tonight after authorities say he got a 14-year-old girl pregnant.

Deputies say the two met a year ago through a family friend.

The man, Russell Edward Wells, is facing more than a dozen
sexual assult charges. Sheriff deputies say he was caught after he crashed his car then officers found his 14-year-old girlfriend 5 months pregnant.

"Age 13-14 is extremely young. This is a child having a child," said Detective Kelley Heydon.

Detectives say Wells befriended the young teenager, who's name has not been released, after meeting through mutual friends.

According to deputies he was actually surprised to be arrested, and so was his family and his girlfriend's family.

"They both indicated they did some research on the laws of getting
married," Heydon said.

According to the District Attorney's Office, in the State of Nevada you must be at least 18 to marry.

While detective say this case is unusual, sexual assault against a minor isn't.

According to detectives, in Washoe County alone so far this year,
85 people have been arrested for sex crimes. The majority of which
happen in the summertime, because young children are out of school and easy targets.

The thought of these crimes scare residents like Margaret Hollimon
to death. "Every single day there is something bad going on with children - it'sscary," she said.

She says she goes with her grandchildren absolutely everywhere. "Too many funny people and I come out and watch out for them as well."

Hollimon says the only way to protect your kids from these type
situations is to know where there at all times, be aware of who their
friends are and their ages.

I also want to add we did try to talk with Russell Wells but he
denied our interview today. He is being held at the Washoe County Dentention Center with bail set at $105,000.

Because the girl is a minor, detectives are not releasing any information, nor are they providing us with any information that would allow us to contact her family.