Police Search for Fatal Hit and Run Driver

Reno Police Department
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Reno police are searching for the man they say is responsible for a
fatal hit-and-run accident in downtown Reno.

They not only want him for that crime, they say he's also responsible for a home invasion robbery of an elderly woman last month.

At 3:40 yesterday afternoon, Reno police sayVictor Razo drove
through three red lights and ploughed into 71-year-old Louisa Cagwin,
killing the Mill Valley, California woman.

Police say they were following Razo because he was making obscene gestures at other cars. They ran his license plate and learned the car was stolen.

Asst. Chief Jim Weston\Reno Police]
"The entire incident lasted just a few seconds and covered just four
city blocks and the speeds weren't that high for the officers and we
don't know how fast the suspect got going when he hit the pedestrian," says Assistant Chief Jim Weston.

Police say the car Razo used to hit that pedestrian was stolen during a home invasion robbery in Sun Valley last month.

Razo had another man with him during that robbery and he also had a
passenger in the stolen car yesterday.

"The passenger was located by two security guards from the Silver
Legacy at the pavilion downtown and he is with us now and he's cooperating in the investigation," Weston says.

While the passenger went to a casino, police say Razo returned to his
former room at the nearby Ace Motor Lodge.

"The victim who lives there now let him use the phone and after that
occurred, the suspect beat him, choked him allegedly and took his
wallet and rummaged through the apartment and as he left, apparently kicked him a few times for good measure," says Weston.

Brian Simmons witnessed the assault and said: "Started yelling at him, started threatening him - just took off over toward him. We heard a shotgun or a door slamming and just let it go from there."

Where this investigation goes from here is a search for the owners of
the stolen items police say they found inside the stolen car, and a
search for Razo himself who police say has no known permanent address.

If you have any information about Razo's whereabouts, you are
urged to contact either Reno Police or Secret Witness at 322-4900.