Local Veterinarians Ensure Rodeo Animal Health

Rain or shine Reno Rodeo businesses continues and one important job is checking on the health of the animals at the fairgrounds.

There is a veterinarian on hand at all times.

Local vets are out here not just for performances, but the entire day checking livestock as well as performance horses.

The bulldogging event is exciting to watch but its also dangerous. Sometimes the cowboys get it right and sometimes they don't. And sometimes the livestock here get hurt.

That's when Dr. Joe Coli steps in.

Dr. Coli says, believe it or not, scenarios like this aren't that common here at the Reno Rodeo. But Dr. Coli or another local large animal vet is here just in case it does happen.

Dr. Coli's job here doesn't involve the livestock. He's also here to check out the horses should they injure themselves - or if they have a chronic problem which needs a follow-up exam.

Dr. Coli says there can be moments of excitment followed by hours of pretty standard stuff. He says a majority of his work here is paperwork.

He's already checked out these four horses for cowboys planning on heading up to Canada for another performance. It's not real glamorous but its one that has far reaching implications.

That's why you'll often see a federal veterinarian here to oversee the process. Dr. Katie Blunk can offer advice on how to get across the border efficiently.

As for the calf which Dr. Coi checked while I was present, there were no broken bones. He had some inflammation in the back leg. He probably won't be used in any performances for the next couple of days.