Cop Killer Sentenced To 2 Life Sentences

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A man convicted of convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a Reno police officer during an armed standoff has been formally sentenced to two life terms in prison without parole.

A jury recommended the sentence for Larry Peck, 52, in April and Washoe District Judge Brent Adams made it official on Friday.

Peck was convicted in the shooting death of Officer John Bohach, 35, who was gunned down outside Peck's home during a five-hour siege on Aug. 22.

Peck holed up after fleeing from police who pulled him over after a night of drinking.

Prosecutors asked for the death penalty.

"He got drunk and caused a wreck, he shot up the neighborhood and then he killed Officer Bohach," chief deputy district attorney Karl Hall said during the sentencing hearing in April.

"We're saying that the death penalty is appropriate in this place because the defendant killed a police officer because he did not want to be arrested."

Peck's lawyer, Kenneth McKenna, portrayed Peck as a man with redeeming qualities whose life was tormented by alcoholism.

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