Douglas County Commissioners Vote Selves Pay Increase

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Douglas County commissioners have voted to raise their own pay to nearly $23,000 a year.

The commissioners voted unanimously yesterday to boost their $18,000 salary by about 26 percent. The pay raise effective July first is the biggest allowed by state law.

Douglas County Manager Dan Holler says there's enough money to cover the pay raises because the legislature approved increases for
other elected county officials, including sheriffs and district attorneys.

In Douglas County, the district attorney's pay will jump from $72,000 to $98,000. The sheriff's pay will go from $60,000 to $81,000.

Those same pay increases will occur in Carson City as well as Lyon, Churchill, Humboldt and Nye counties.

In Washoe County, the district attorney's pay will increase from
$96,000 to more than $137,000. The sheriff's pay will rise from $78,000 to $110,000.

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