How to Keep Carnival Rides Safe

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With the Reno Rodeo less than 24-hours away, organizers are scrambling to finish up last minute preparations. Among those preparations is setting up the carnival rides.

But parents may be asking themselves, are those rides actually safe?

Carnival workers from the Oregon based company - Davis Show Northwest - met this afternoon to go over safety procedures.

"Daily inspections are done by ride foremans. It's your typical seatbelts and check latches," says carnival manager Rick Spromberg.

While inspections are done internally, you may be surprised to learn these rides are not regulated by the City of Reno. "Our code enforcement states they have never inspected the rides themselves," says Steve Frady, Reno Public Information Officer.

So you may be wondering, how is the midway maintained?

Spromberg says each ride is checked twice a day. First by the ride operator and then by a supervisor.

But, that doesn’t always stop accidents from happening.

"You have your typical slips, trips, and falls. That might be slipping off a step or tripping over a wire and fortunately that's all we've had here," Spromberg says.

Spromberg credits their good safety record to several training sessions and a annual state check from Oregon and Washington.

Knowing that - what can you do to keep safe?

"All carnivals aren't created equal. You pretty much can see if your at a good carnival or not," Spromberg says. "If the rides are painted and lights are working you're at a good carnival."

Another tip, check before you get on a ride for a safety inspection sticker. The sticker should be visible on every ride. It shows the date when the ride was last inspected.

And if that's not enough, ask questions.

Workers say they want you to feel comfortable so you can enjoy this year's Rodeo attractions.

Carnival managers say the rides will be checked by Oregon and Washington inspectors this Monday.