Firefighters Enforcing Off-Road Requirements

Wildfire the 2003 Season
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The Nevada Division of Forestry was busy today setting up the first checkpoint of the summer to make sure everyone has the proper equipment before they head to the hills.

The Ash Canyon area near Carson City is very popular with hikers, four-wheelers, and campers.

But right now the area is very dry and flammable, too.

So today fire crews posted signs that say vehicles must stay on roads and visitors must carry an axe, a shovel, and a gallon of water.

Every single car that entered the canyon area today was stopped and

With conditions getting warmer and dryer, firefighters say they
need everyone to be responsible and do their part.

"If they happen to start a fire of find an abandoned camp site - which we are still finding every once and a while they must have something they can put it out with so it dosen't get away and become a major problem to us," said Captain Rich Riolo of NDF.

Said Julian Anges, a visitor to the canyon area: "I usually carry the stuff with me when I come up here. The signs make you carry it. It's just a good thing to have."

If you're caught without an axe, shovel, and water, it's a misdemeanor, and you could receive a $1,000 fine.

Today, people only received a warning, but next time, they'll get a ticket.