Couple Arrested for Toddler Death

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Police in Sparks arrested a mother and her boyfriend on charges of
child abuse and murder Friday afternoon.

Ray McFarlin Jr. and Christi Miller are in Washoe County Jail, accused of abusing and killing Miller's 19-month-old daughter, Brittney.

Police say Brittney died June 7th as a result of severe internal injuries, but they began their investigation of child abuse the day before she died.

"It was an on-going thing. Within 24 hours that we were investigating from the time we picked up the investigation where the child was seen at a local pediatrician at 1:00 in the afternoon on Friday, until the child
basically succumbed from its injuries at 10:00 on Saturday night," said Sgt. Steve Asher.

Police say an eight-year-old boy, also living in the home, had also been
abused . . . he is in state custody tonight.