"F" For State Education Costs

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A new national report gives Nevada failing grades for the cost of higher education and the low graduation rate in the state's colleges and universities in a new national report.
In addition to the pair of F's, The National Report Card on
Higher Education also gave Nevada C's for how well it prepares
students for college and student access to higher education and
Nevada is one of 43 states given F's for affordability of a
college education, one of six key areas measured in the biennial
report issued by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher
However, one Nevada education official says the report is based
on old data that does not reflect advancements already made in
those areas.
Jane Nichols is the academic vice chancellor for Nevada's higher
education system. She says the state needs to do more in some
areas, but they have done better than the report indicates.
For example, she says the report does not include the
10-thousand-dollar state-funded Millennium Scholarship given to
academically eligible high school graduates.