Fire Crews Work to Mop Up Burned Area

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Wednesday night, Nevada Bell crews are out fixing the phone lines that were burned in the Highway-50 fire, and about 100 firefighters are there mopping up the remnants of this fire.

Thy're working to put out a few pockets of fire within the burn perimeter - but those areas are not expected to be a threat.

The fire is contained but the firefighters aren't letting their guard down just yet.

"Our main concern is trying to get Highway 50 reopened as soon as possible," said firefighter Paul Wilford.

The highway was closed for a couple of hours on Tuesday. Now one lane is open in both directions. Firefighters say they hope to clear the hills of any rubble that could roll down and block the road before they completely re-open the highway.

"Structure protection is no longer a problem, however we are patrolling the Clear Creek Canyon area," Wilford said.

Firefighters have also enlisted the help of several private contractors who are providing heavy equipment to help douse what's left of the flames.

In the meantime, firefighters are asking the public to stay clear of the fire area - both from highway accesses and the back country. That means motorist need to be on the lookout for both firefighters and emergency vehicles.

Last night we reported that about 120 girls participating in the Girl's State program who were evacuated from Clear Creek Canyon Youth Camp. Those girls are at the Stewart Indian Colony in Carson City tonight. That's where they're expected to finish out their week-long camp.

As for the cause of this fire, fire personnel say it is too early to speculate at this point and they are looking at all possible causes.