New Agency Helping to ICE Child Porn

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The Office of Homeland Security is out to stop child pornography and federal agents in Reno are part of the crusade.

While the program isn't new, it's a new, or at least renewed, priority.

And it brings different arms of law enforcement together. Customs and Immigration officials are now together in the new Bureau of Immigration and Customs, or I.C.E.

Last month, agents wearing the "ICE" insignia raided several cities, rounding up illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes against children -people we wouldn't knowingly let in the country.

Child sex crimes frequently involve international travel to avoid

Our local resident agent in charge tells us Northern Nevada has
been involved at least twice in the past couple of years, as someone
wanted elsewhere was traced to Reno in one case, and in another, a man who skipped bail in Washoe County was picked up in Brazil.

"Operation Predator" is supposed to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to trade information.

"Basically, bringing together what had been Customs and Immigration
into one agency - that's one aspect," said ICE resident agent in chatge, John Colledge.

"And then also partnering up with other federal agencies to establish a national center in Fairfax, Virginia at our cybersmuggling operation - but also to work more closely with state and local authorities across the United States," he said.

"Operation Predator" also sets up a web site for tracking known
child predators and missing and exploited children. We've set up a link on our Web site.

As to how many illegals have been arrested under this program?

In one week-long sting that ended about a week ago, ICE agents
arrested 89 aliens convicted of sex offenses - 37 in Chicago alone.

That web page we mentioned has a counter that says 201people have been arrested so far.