Defendants Change Pleas and Await Sentencing

Guilty Plea

A shocking case of child abuse in Carson City now boils down to sentencing. This...following a guilty plea by one defendant on Tuesday, and two more to follow.

Tomas Granados entered a guilty plea Tuesday morning in District Court in Nevada's capitol. He is charged with child abuse, neglect with substantial bodily harm, and false imprisonment to avoid arrest.

During the hearing, Judge Bill Maddox said to Granados, "If anybody says they know what sentence you are going to get, they don't know what they are talking about. I and I alone make that final decision."

The same speech may be presented to Granados' co-defendants, his wife Regina Rios and mother-in-law Esther Rios, next week. That is when the two women will officially change their plea to guilty. Both may face similar charges as Granados.

These charges stem from the child isolation and starvation case of Granados' two stepchildren.

Carson City Sheriff's Department officials discovered the two children at a Como Street apartment back in January...they were grossly underweight and apparently had been locked in a bathroom most of the time. The 16-year-old female victim in this case weighed 41 pounds, and the 11-year-old boy weighed 31 pounds when authorities discovered them.

Tomas Granados changed his plea on Monday to Guilty...a move that Carson City Deputy District Attorney Ann Langer says will result in a lengthy prison sentence.

"He has the potential of serving 35 years," Langer says. "And there has actually been a negotiated plea with the other two [defendants]. However they have not gone on the record for an arraignment yet, so that's about all I can say until the time of the arraignment, which is next week."

Sentencing for Tomas Granados, Regina Rios, and Esther Rios is slated for October 24.