Guilty, Guility, Guiilty

Defendant Tomas Granados entered his guilty plea in court today.
That was expected. What wasn't his co-defendants wife Regina Rios and Mother in Law Esther Rios told the judge they want to do the same.
The three are charged with child abuse, neglect with bodily harm, and false imprisonment to avoid arrest.
Last January Carson City's Sheriff Deputies discovered two children at a Como Street Apartment grossly underweight and were apparently locked the the bathroom for years .
Deputy District Attorney Ann Langer said " I think we were all gearing up for the trial to take place on the 19th and sometimes prior to trial you have changes..and in this case we had changes."
For his part Granados could serve up to 35-years. Judge BIll Maddox alerted him at the time of plea, "If anybody says they know what sentence you are going to get, they don't know what they are talking about. I and I alone make that decision."
Ester and Regina Rios will officially enter their guility pleas Tuesday September 12.
Sentencing is slated for October 24.
Ann Langer says the 16-year old victim in this case will make an impact statement. Her younger brother may do the same.
At the time authorities discovered them the teen weighed 41-pounds, the 11-year old 31-pounds.