SWAT Team Trains "Just in Case"

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We always hear about the SWAT team on scene for shootings and drug busts. But have you ever wondered what type of training they go through?

I attended some training today and thought I was in Iraq . . . but it was the Lyon County's SWAT Team training north of Silver Springs.

The hands-on instruction is held at Camp CQB . . . also known as close quarters battle.

And for many, this is the only battle they've seen.

Team member Alfonso Lopez describes the training as: "Nerve wracking. You don't know what to expect as the new guy."

The training wasn't just for new guys. Seventeen-year-veteran Richard Matheus says this keeps everyone on the same page. "The new recruits we bring on board we start out just like the old guys. They learn by doing," he says.

This involves doing dozens of practice drills, and shooting both rifles and handguns.

One of the main focuses of this training is to wear and learn this equipment - while getting in and out of a helicopter.

The Army National Guard supplied the Black Hawk so the team could get the most realistic experience possible. The experience that could become a reality if the Lyon County SWAT team is called to the scene.

The training is held monthly for the Lyon County SWAT Team.