Murder Suspect Skips Reno Court Hearing

Scales of Justice
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A man booked on suspicion of murder after a 15-hour standoff with police in Reno failed to appear for his arraignment Tuesday in Washoe District Court, prosecutors said.

Deputy District Attorney Roy Stralla said a bench warrant was to be issued for the arrest of Ronald Dunbar, 26, of Bay Point, Calif., who was last seen at a May 29 court hearing.

"These guys are like bad pennies. They always turn up," Stralla said.

The prosecutor said Dunbar has not formally been charged in the murder of James Williams Jr., 30, of Concord, Calif., who was shot May 13 and died four days later at a Reno hospital.

But Dunbar is still considered the main suspect in the shooting, and an investigation is ongoing, Stralla said.

Dunbar was out of jail on $12,000 bail on charges of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, false imprisonment and destruction of jail property.

He's accused of barricading himself in a northwest Reno apartment after Williams was shot. Police called in a SWAT team and negotiated with Dunbar for 15 hours before he emerged.

The shooting occurred after Williams drove Dunbar and two other people from Pittsburg, Calif., to Reno.

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