Schools Districts Losing More Than Money

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The tax deadlock has held up the major funding bill for Nevada's public
schools. So, school districts are not offering contracts to new
teachers. That's put hundreds of teachers in a professional limbo.

Some of these people were teaching in local schools this past year.
Many of them were hired on one year contracts to temporarily replace a
teacher who was on leave.

In normal times, many would expect to be offered a permanent position
for the coming school year.

These aren't normal times.

A year ago the Washoe County School District offered Pam Gormly, a $2,000 bonus to move from Maryland and teach in Reno schools and
this past school year she taught math at Pine Middle School.

This year she won't be teaching here or at any school district school. She'll be teaching first and 2nd graders at High Desert Montessori
School in northwest Reno.

She's elated with the job, but it took a couple of months of searching to find it and she knows others haven't been as lucky.

"There are a lot of peoile who are moms or dads or single parents. Out of 300 people everybody, would have their own story. I'm the
luck person that got a job," she says.

School district officials say there are more than 200 one-year contract
teachers like Gormly and hundreds of others waiting to find out if they
have a job in Washoe County schools this coming year.

When they finally have the green light to hire, the fear is some of the most qualified will have found jobs elsewhere.

Dancer: "Potential's there, yeah. And we could lose some people who had a commitment to teacher, went through the edcuation to be able to launch into that and because jobs aren't available this year, they may never enter the field. They may make commitments elsewhere," says one school administrator.

Pam Gormly has a job - one she's elated to have - but she's still potentially at risk.

Charter Schools receive all of their public funding through that same state school budget that the school district is waiting on. If that money isn't allocated by August 21st, she, and every other teacher in public schools in Nevada won't have a paycheck.