California Budget Hits Higher Education

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California's budget crisis is putting a crunch on that state's community colleges.

At Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe administrators have laid off five of their 125 employees and haven't filled at least 11 vacant positions.

Unlike Kindergarten-12-th grade schools, state universities and colleges - including community colleges in California - do not receive state money until a budget is passed.

California lawmakers are talking about increasing tuition, decreasing community college payments, and cutting the number of students the colleges can serve.

But it's still up in the air.

"We'd be better off if we knew the results of the budget. At least we could be very up front with our staff, our faculty and our students," said one Lake Tahoe Community College administrator.

"We're subjected to mid-year cuts last school year," he said.

Administrators at Lake Tahoe Community College say those cuts put them in a bad financial position for this year's potential cuts.