Nevada Anti-Tax Group Accused Of Bending Facts

Nevada Budget Crisis
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State Budget Director Perry Comeaux says claims by opponents of increased taxes that Nevada's new budget adds 916 state positions over the next two fiscal years are "absolutely wrong."

Both Assembly Minority Leader Lynn Hettrick and Assemblyman Bob Beers have used that number - with Hettrick describing it as "obscene."

In a memo to lawmakers, Comeaux says the 916 new positions must be reduced by existing positions that the Legislature eliminated.

When that's done, the net increase is 567 new jobs - a three and a half percent increase in a total state work force of nearly 17,000.

Hettrick and other Republicans say the state general fund budget must be called back and cut before they will allow a tax bill through.

Republican Governor Kenny Guinn says that's not going to happen and that lawmakers should vote to fund the budget they have already passed.

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