News Channel 8 Fan Club Helping Seniors

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When it gets as hot as it has been - and will be - the weather can become life-threatening, especially for the elderly.

That's why KOLO News Channel 8 is teaming up with Washoe County Senior Services to lower that threat and raise the comfort level in Northern Nevada this summer.

Today I want to tell you about the new KOLO News Channel 8 "Fan Club."

It is a clever name, which I wish I could take credit for. But I can say I did meet with the fans this afternoon at the Home Depot on South Virginia Street.

You can tell it's hot at stores like the Depot. It's cool inside, but they're selling lots of air conditioners.

Refrigerated air is best to actually lower the temperature and evaporative units, or "swamp coolers" work well in our dry climate.

But even though prices are low, air conditioners are a bit expensive for many elderly people who live on fixed incomes. They're also at a disadvantage because their bodies don't cool as effectively by sweating as they did when they were young, and because they don't move around a lot.

When they don't move, it's important to make sure the air does.

That's why KOLO News Channel 8 is teaming up to provide fans to elderly people who can't afford them this summer.

And most of us will find buying a fan to donate very affordable.

Just buy the fan of your choice at any store and drop it off at KOLO, located at 4850 Ampere Drive, just east of the airport . . . or at Washoe County Senior Services at 9th and Sutro.

We'll get your fan to somebody who needs it!

This sounds a lot like Toys for Tots. It is, and for much the same reason.

Fans can be used to create cross-ventalition.

Place box fans outward in windows on the warmest side of the house to blow warm air out. Fans facing inward can bring can bring cooler outside air in.

Potable fans can push cool air into other rooms.

At night they can be placed in bedroom windows to pull cool air in.

Please help us at KOLO-TV News Channel 8 help make this summer a bit more bearable for some locals seniors.

For information on how you - or a loved one - can obtain a fan, contact Washoe County Senior Services at (775) 328-2575.