Double Shooting Puzzles Investigators

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Today, the Nevada Department of Investigation confirmed the name of the suspect in Friday night's shooting of two Mina residents.

The man has been identified as 69-year-old Earl Felch of Mina.

Investigators are still looking for a motive in the shooting while they do have a suspect in custody. There are two gunshot wound victims, who are listed in fair condition at Washoe Medical Center.

But, why Felch walked into a friend's house and shot two people is still a mystery.

Investigators map out what they think happened Friday night in what was reported by Mina residents as two people down on U.S. 95.

"Earl Felch, Kimbery Jackson, and Ricardo Grason were all helping Ms. Jackson move into her new place when the shooting took place," said NDI investigator Sgt. Scott Slobe.

Detectives say Jackson was able to make it across the street to the Silver King Cafe to have someone call 911. . .while Grason collapsed in the street before help arrived.

A bartender there named Christopher said: "I helped one of the victims and carried her over to the bar and laid her down. then I helped the other one who was incapable of going any further."

While all this was going on, deputies say Felch slipped away and then barricaded himself inside his home. During the five hour stand-off, authorities say Felch fired numerous shots in the area.

Residents took cover and tried to keep the victims safe before they were transported by Care Flight to Washoe Medical Center, where they underwent surgery for their wounds.

"They put a truck to block any shots coming from Felch's residence towards where Grason went down," Slobe says.

Police kept a perimeter around Felch's house but couldn't move in any closer for fear officers were outmanned by all the gunfire.

Then, in a weird twist, the house exploded in a ball of fire, as more live ammunition going off could be heard throughout this small town.

Says Mina resident Mike Mansfield: "It sounded like someone hitting sheet metal. Then i knew it was gunshots. I looked out my window and the house was totally engulfed in flames."

Investigators don't know how the fire started or who started it . . . but Felch's house was reduced to a pile of metal and ash.

He was eventually found and taken into custody in a nearby field. But authorities could tell he didn't want to go quietly.

"He had in his possession an assault rifle. Aat the time he was arrested he had this in his possession," Slobe says.

Felch is in the Mineral County jail today, facing two counts of attempted murder and two counts of battery with a deadly weapon. He's awaiting a preliminary hearing, which is expected soon.

This isn't the first bizarre incident in Mina in recent memory.

You may recall about a year ago Chris Jurnegan was convicted of murder for the killing of Frank Knight at Sue's Motel.

It turned out that detectives say Jurnegan was Kim Jackson's brother, one of the victims in this shooting. And, the murder was right next door to where this shooting took place.