Labor on Labor Day

It occurs over the Labor Day weekend and for some the Rib Cookoff at Victorian Square is the last opportunity to celebrate the heat and lazy days of summer.
The "labor" in labor day has lost its significants.
"Gives the workers a day off because employers use to work them all the time and it's a hoilday to give them a day off." says Jerry Gartner
Edward Ginez admits he doesn't know the history of labor day. " Exactly I don't know but I will celebrate it."
to be sure the labor force here and around the country has changed from the 19th century when the concept of Labor Day emerged.
At that time industrial workers, farming and manufacturing saw plenty of employment.
But its these same jobs that will see the largest decline in the next ten years.
Farming and Ranching, Sewing machine operators, file clerks, secretaries except for legal medical and executives, along with manufacturing jobs won't be as common as they once were. Asked what jobs won't be around in the years to come, Kevin Rast says "The fastest disappearing job is any customer service job."
Kevin may be surprised to know that customer service representative is one of the fastest growing jobs in this country..surpassed by retail salesperson, registered nurses, and postsecondary teachers.
Home healthcare aids...and nursing aids are also on the list.
Those making the least amount of money, include dishwashers, child-care workers, teachers assistance, waiter and waitress..
Highest wage earners...physicians, dentists, lawyers, engineering managers, and actuaries. Those high wage earners are the most educated. That's nothing new. But Deborah Leach says getting the degrees and diplomas isn't as easy as it use to be. "Its a Catch 22 people can't pay for an education.."