Burning Man Fiery Climax

Burning Man
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Thousands of celebrants danced, hugged and cheered
as the annual Burning Man counterculture festival climaxed with the
traditional torching of its namesake object on the northern Nevada
Accompanied by a spectacular fireworks show, the 40-foot-tall
wooden figure known as "The Man" went up in flames last night and
tumbled to the playa of the Black Rock Desert, 110 miles north of
The eclectic, world-famous art festival ends its weeklong run
tomorrow after the burning of more artwork tonight, including the
"Belgian Waffle," the "Temple of Lights" and the "Temple of
No major problems were reported by authorities.
According to the U-S Bureau of Land Management, the crowd peaked
at 39-thousand-100, up six-point-six percent over last year.