Double Perfect

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A Reno teenager has achieved a rare feat: perfect scores on both the American College Testing exam and the S-A-T.
Reno High School senior Laura Kreidberg scored a 36 on her ACT
and 24-hundred on her SAT.
Washoe County School District officials say only 238 of
one-and-a-half (m) million students had a perfect S-A-T score and
219 of one-point-two (m) million students had a perfect ACT score.
No statistics are available on how many students have aced both
tests, but a spokesman for the S-A-T test says it's "a very, very
small number."
The 17-year-old Kreidberg recently toured East Coast
universities with her parents, Roger and Betsy, who both work at
the Reno-based Desert Research Institute.
Among her top choices are Yale, Harvard and Princeton. She
hasn't decided on a major, but is leaning toward economics. She is
taking a calculus course at the University of Nevada, Reno.