Ghost Ride

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A tragic bike accident that killed a Reno man in July has prompted other riders to raise awareness to biker safety.
This morning, more than a hundred riders paid tribute to the life of David Pumphrey.
More than a hundred of Pumphrey's fellow members, and other bike enthusiasts, met up...for what's called a "ghost ride."
An international movement, to put white bikes, where riders have collided with other cars...and been killed.
He was an outdoorsman, an adventurer, a bicyclist, and a former Douglas County commissioner.
It also describes the July 20th accident.
Pumphrey's widow hopes the white bike will jog someone's memory.
All police have to go on is a light blue sedan, possibly a Subaru 4 X 4.
The hit and run driver is described as a heavy set, white female, with brown hair between 45 and 50 years old.
Soon, some local companies and non-profit organizations will be launching a media campaign...into bicycle safety.
If there's one message, from today's ride, it's that everyone needs to slow down...and pay closer attention.