Washoe Kids Outpace Nation In SAT Tests

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Washoe County students who took the Scholastic Aptitude Test this year didn't do as well as those in previous years, but still outpaced the state and national average.
School officials attributed the decline to a longer and more
difficult test.
Washoe's critical reading scores in the SAT fell from 533 in
2005 to 518 in 2006. Math scores dipped from 534 to 526.
Statewide, students scored 498 in critical reading and 508 in
math. The national average was 503 in reading and 518 in math.
"The fact that our students continue to preform better than the
state and national averages is certainly a cause for celebration,"
Superintendent Paul Dugan said. "To put too much emphasis on the
fact that the scores dipped when we have a new testing instrument
is a mistake."
The new critical reading section required more analysis of long
reading passages and eliminated analogy questions that many
national critics said were not useful.
The new math section had second-year algebra questions that were
not included in previous years. National experts, district
officials and students said that could be a factor in the lower