BLM Whistleblower Wins Ruling

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Big news today for a Nevada whistleblower.
An administrative law judge ruled that the U-S Bureau of Land
Management illegally fired a former supervisor for speaking out
about the health and safety dangers at a toxic mine site near at
The federal judge ordered the B-L-M to pay Earle Dixon two years
worth of back pay and benefits totaling more than
The Labor Department Judge Richard Malamphy concluded that Dixon
was fired as a result of his whistleblowing activities at the
former Anaconda copper mine about 60 miles southeast of Reno.
Under his ruling today, the B-L-M also must reimburse Dixon for
10-thousand-dollars in moving expenses after he was fired in
October 2005 as well as attorney fees and costs expected to exceed
The judge denied Dixon's request for up to one (M)
Million-dollars in punitive damages. He stopped short of ordering
the B-L-M to reinstate Dixon but instructed the agency to give him
a "favorable or at least neutral job reference."