Plane Crashes into House

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The wreckage of a small plane remains lodged in the roof of a Spanish Springs home after it crashed into it Thursday night.

The bizarre accident happened on Kinglet Drive, a newly-developed area not far from the Spanish Springs Landing Strip. Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt.

Byran Aamoc, a passenger on the plane, suffered only cuts and bruises on his face and arm...the pilot is safe as well.

"I just looked over to see if the pilot was still alive," Aamoc said. "And there was tons of fuel coming out of the plane. So I said, 'Dude, there's fuel we gotta get outta here.' "

After the crash, worried neighbors could smell fuel in the air, prompting concern of an explosion. Witness Bruce Eastman saw the whole accident and rushed over to help the passengers.

"There was a ladder at another house just laying out in the yard," Eastman said. "I grabbed it and put it up so they could climb down."

A crew was sent up to the roof and they turned off the ignition of the plane. Luckily, the house was under construction and the utilities weren't working.

The neighborhood will remain roped off because it is still considered a crime scene.

News Channel 8 has been told the FAA will arrive first thing Friday morning to determine what happened.

Some people even made claims the crew had been drinking and doing drugs, but fire officials says that appears to be false.