Fire Restriction in Place Beginning Friday Night

Wildfire the 2003 Season
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Before you go decide to go camping there are some new restrictions going into effect Friday night that you should know about.

The restrictions were created to keep you safe this fire season. The agencies involved include: The Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and the Nevada Division of Forestry.

Grass and brush here in Washoe Valley that was once green is now drying out because of high temperatures. High temperatures that are worrying firefighters.

"You can feel these winds we are having. If anything gets in the dry grass we got a fire on our hands," says NDF spokesman Rich Riolo.

A fire like like the Martis fire. It sparked in June to similar conditions we have today. Conditions that firefighters say are prime for another devastating fire.

Prevention officers hope by enforcing new rules the potential for flames will be extinguished. "We can't cover the entire area. So we needed to do something to help the public help us," Riolo says.

So before you pitch a tent, the BLM, Forest Service, and NDF made some new rules.

* Number one - No Flames. No campfires except if you have a permit.
* Number two - No Smoking in campgrounds or picnics areas.
* Number three - No welding or operating anything with open flames, except by permit.
* Number Four - No explosives, tracers, or fireworks.
* Number Five - No open Burning, such as weeds or yard waste.

Campers we met at Bowers Mansion say they have no complaints about the restrictions. "t's just something you have to do," said Gary Hart.

Not only to enjoy yourself but to prevent another fire from sparking.

The fire restriction rules go in effect at midnight tonight.