Extreme Racers to Decend on Reno

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More than 100 extreme athletes of all ages will descend on Reno this weekend for the first ever Silver Sage Adventure Race.

The biggest little city has spent the past year trying to market itself as the adventure destination of the west and it looks like that effort is finally paying off.

Reno's Team Motion Potion hit the trails this morning, practicing for the first adventure race in their own backyard.

"There's not a lot of pressure when you're out there and you can go as fast or as slow as you want to go and it's just a fun outdoor activity," says team member Lynn Henderson.

Racers must complete a top secret course that sends them through the Truckee River Corridor, the Carson Range and downtown.

Competitors will run trails for five miles, mountain bike at least twenty miles, float down the Truckee River and navigate their way through downtown Reno.

Says Reno Adventure Racer organizer Todd Jackson:

"I've spent a lot of time here in Reno, Nevada and the Tahoe Basin over the last few years and I've met a lot of locals and through them I've had a lot of experiences to kind-of experience what's here from just the physical attributes of the area - the desert, the Carson range and a lot of trails and it's just a great arena for this kind of sport."

Says Deanna Ashby of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority:

"The race itself epitomizes exactly what we're trying to market so getting people out here to actually experience the great outdoors as well as the downtown city area, that is the answer."

The answer for racers is being prepared.

There's a list of mandatory supplies adventure athletes must carry, a first aid kit, a compass, a camelback for carrying water and plenty of fuel.

"This is a light-weight locking blade knife, serrated edge, a light source in case you're out at night which most of the time you are on 24 to 30 hour races, an ignition source usually water proof matches or a lighter," says Motion Potion team member Mark Henderson.

Team Motion Potion says they think they'll place very well in Sunday's race because they have home court advantage. They've been running and biking like crazy to prepare for the event.

Says team member Kurstin Graham, "The part that you can't really prepare for is what are you going to do after the 11th hour, the 12th hour, after the 20th hour - that really is just in your head."

Competitors in Reno's Adventure Race should finish in five to eleven hours. Organizers purposely made the event a little shorter so first time racers could give it a try.

Registration for the race is now closed but if you want to cheer on the competitors, they will take off Sunday morning at eight from Wingfield Park.

The winners will cross the finish line at Wingfield Park beginning around one p.m. and then the awards ceremony begins at four.