Guinn Issues No Vetos

Governor Kenny Guinn
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Gov. Guinn has finished signing bills from the 2003 Legislature, putting his signature on all but two measures and vetoing nothing.

The Republican governor handled 516 bills from the state Assembly and Senate. The last measure on the list of bills to cross his desk, restructuring regulation of Nevada's mortgage lending and investment industry, didn't get signed but took effect anyway.

Late last month, Guinn let a veterans' cemetery measure take effect without his signature. That bill specifies how donations for a certain purpose can be used for other purposes at the vets' cemeteries.

The governor vetoed four measures from the 2001 Legislature, but Bortolin says there were fewer bills this session - and good communication between lawmakers and the governor's office.

Referring to the current impasse over taxes that resulted in a drawn-out special session, Bortolin adds, "We had a no-hitter going into the ninth inning."

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