Elderly Woman Bound and Robbed in Home

Washoe County Sheriff's Office
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An elderly Sun Valley woman is recovering after, sheriff's deputies say, two young men broke into her home, tied her up, ransacked the house and stole her car.

The suspects are still on the loose tonight and investigators are asking for the public's help in finding them.

Sheriff's Office detectives say the victim, who neighbors call "Peggy," was at home Tuesday evening when two men broke in.

Neighbors say they can't understand how this happened.

"This is a beautiful part of the neighborhood ... we all watch out for each other," says neighbor Linda Hoyen. "It's impossible . . . well, obviously it's not."

Hoyen says she and several other neighbors were out watering their lawns between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday night and they never heard a thing.

"They were in that house while we were out here conversing, having our regular evening watering and talking - it's just horrible," she says.

Hoyen says she talked to "Peggy" earlier in the week. And Tuesday night seemed to be business as usual in the neighborhood. She thought Peggy had simply gone to bed early.

"Everything's ok - no lights on - she's in bed. Obviously I was wrong," Hoyne says.

Investigators say "Peggy" laid in her bedroom - tied up for nearly 24 hours before family members found her.

It's still unclear exactly what was taken from her home.

Detectives say the suspects took the victim's Red 2000 Suzuki 4-door sedan. The car has Nevada license plate number 137MXB.

If you see this vehicle, sheriff's investigators say do not approach the car or the suspects, but call the nearest local police as soon as possible.

The telephone number for Sheriff's Office investigators is (775) 328-3320, or 328-3001.

You can also call Secret Wtiness at (775) 322-4900.

A $2,000 reward is being offered in this case.