Illegal Race Spectators Could Face Penalties

Reno Police Department
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Drag racers already face steep fines and possible jail time if they're caught. Now spectators might face similar consequences in the City of Reno.

The new measure is now under consideration by the Reno City Council.

Reno police officers delivered a convincing argument at the Council meeting yesterday - calling for a crack down on the illegal sport.

According to a staff report by the Reno Police Department, drag racing on city streets intensifies during the summer months and it presents a significant danger to the community.

The police showed the smashed up remains of a car after a street race gone wrong.

Police say the problem is growing worse but they think stricter laws will stem the tide.

The proposed ordinance would allow officers to ticket spectators gathered within 200 feet of a drag race or race prep area.

By proposing and pushing for the new restriction, police say it's not only the racers who cause problems.

"Underage drinking, curfew violations, traffic violations, they will speed away from the scene, create traffic accidents getting away from police cars," says Sgt. Jerry Jones.

Police officers say this weekend after the release of the "2Fast 2Furious" movie, they had upwards of 1,000 people and 500 cars gathered at various racing spots throughout town . . . so the timing on this ordinance is just right.

The City Council is expected to have its second hearing on the ordinance June 25th.

We'll let you know what they decide.