No Movement on Taxes

Nevada Legislature 2003
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In Carson City, some lawmakers met in private negotiations late into the evening Tuesday trying to find a tax compromise that stood a chance of passing in both houses.

Only the Senate was scheduled to meet in a floor session.

But most of the day was actually spent in a closed door caucus, searching for the right combination of taxes that could close an $869 million gap in the budget.

The Assembly won't meet until tomorrow, but Minority Leader Lynn Hettrick was also holding meetings with fellow Republicans and checking his e-mail.

He says it's running--about 95 percent in favor of holding the line on taxes - and forcing more cuts in spending instead.

"When fully implimented this is over a billion dollars in new taxes. This is a huge increase," Hettrick said.
Hettrick and many of his fellow Republican assembly members are expected to vote against any tax plan at this point.

They hope by blocking any new taxes it will force the governor to reopen the budget.