Plane Crash Connection

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News Channel 8 has learned that two of the Kentucky plane crash victims were on their way to Reno for a roller skating convention.
Mike Finley was a roller skate owner/operator from Kentucky.
He was on the plane, with his general manager, Hollie Gilbert.
Friends and colleagues say the two were supposed to get into Reno yesterday...but had to change flights because of a family emergency.
There wasn't a single person, at the roller skating convention, who didn't know Mike Finley or Hollie Gilbert.
News spread about five hundred people registered for this four-day event.
Joe Champa has known Finley for the past 25 years, and Gilbert for the last 10 years.
Even though, they were competitors on the surface, running rinks a few towns away...they were best of friends.
Champa says Finley never missed one of these convention and trade shows.
Both had been here before...when the Roller Skating Association held the event in Reno three years ago.
Champa says both Finley and Gilbert did their best to bring attention to the sport.
Friends and colleagues say they will be sorely missed...especially by all the children in their hometowns who loved Finley's fun center.
Finley leaves behind a wife and two teenaged kids.
Gilbert was a single mom, and had two children as well.