Medical Marijuana Assistance

Currently there are 1600 Nevada residents enrolled in Nevada's six year old medical marijuana program.
[ Possession and Use of certain amounts of Marijuana here in Nevada is legal...if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana I-D card.
Patients must pay $50 dollars for the application forms, it will take an additional one-hundred-50 dollars to process the application and receive an I-D card.
It use to be free..but the department of agriculture says to program costs money to implement.
Jennifer Bartlet, Medical Marijuana Program Officer explains, " Now, at the beginning tax payers use to pay for the program. We are trying to make this program be paid for by the people it serves."
but according to the Marijuana Policy Project, "nevada's medical marijuana registry is the most expensive and difficult to navigate in the nation."
Nathan Miller of the \Marijuana Policy Project says, " If we think that The applicant would be accepted into the program by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture, then we would supply them with a fee."
. He's highly critical of the state's marijuana program saying the website doesn't help patients. Bartlet says there's always room for improvement in that area. But she finds the one-on-one-phone contact she has with patients is much more helpful. " Our priority is to get these people processed and get them going. And this is something their doctor and they feel is in their best interest and our priority is to get these people registered and get them going. If this is what they choose as their medical path."
M-M-P could not give News Channel 8 a specific case where a Nevada patient because of income did not qualify for the state Marijuana program. But in other states like Rhode Island, Vermont, and Montana they've financially assisted 55-people.
If you'd like more information send completed registry application materials a statement of income, and evide ce of income level like a pay stub or tax return to MPP ATTN: Karen, P.O. Box 77492, Capitol Hilll, Washington, DC 20013