Back to $$School

When you think of Back to school you may think of signs that offer discounts, the latest styles, or pens, paper, and backpacks for elemetary, middle and high school students. But,
these days marketers have their eyes set on college students.
Stop by Angela Strahhan (stray-han) and Kathryn Salyer's (Sal-yer) dorm room up here at U-N-R and you can see why
Angela Strahan a UNR Freshman shows us some of her latest wares." I got a Mac book which is a lap top and I also bought a refridgerator."
Her roomate Kathryn is known as an electronics nut. " 20 inch flat screen tv and then just a dv player because nobody plays tapes any more and then there is also a c-d player that I also has which plays the radio. We ask her, " You couldn't live without them?" " No probably not."
College students can spend up to one-thousand dollars on merchandise before they head to class.
Like Kathryn about 10 Billion dollars is spent on electronics, that's up 27-percent from last year.
And according to instructors here while I=PODS may be an extravagance a computer and printer are pretty much necessities.
Prof. Jeanne Wendel an economics instructor says, "The campus is increasingly becoming a wireless place. So, clearly the campus is anticipating that many students have wireless lap tops and is providing facilities to use them."
There is college bound merchandise that stays consistent like sheets and towel, and refridgerators,
which is why college students spent twice as much on back to school as k-through-12 kids.
it's a big time of year for retailers...second only to the holiday season.