Teens Now Need PWC Training

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Before you decide to take advantage of this great weather and take your jet ski out on the lake, make sure you have the right permits with you or you could receive a ticket - especially if you're a teenager.

According to Nevada State Law anyone between the ages of 14 and 18 wanting to ride a personal watercraft must attend a training course.

"I'm going this weekend for the very first time," said student Ricole Hausch.

Another in the class, Bryan Hofman, says: "We are going jetskiing on Sunday!"

Nevada Division of Wildlife and the Coast Guard Auxiliary instructed students of the safe ways to enjoy themselves on local waterways.

"We don't want to see people get hurt when they are trying to rec-reate. Nothing is worse when a day of fun turns into a tragedy," says Edwin Lyngar of N-DOW.

A tragedy like the one that happened at Lake Tahoe last August when two young teenagers riding these rented seadoos collided. Authorities say the boys had been warned several times to slow down and stay apart from each other.

But Investigators say they didn't abide by the rules and one boy died.

"These accidents stem from people who don't understand the rules of boating," says Lyngar. Rules like not speeding, and riding a safe distance away from other boats and personal watercraft.

Organizers say one of the most important tips is to wear a life jacket and make sure it's the right size."

If the flotation device is too big it can easily slip over your head. So make sure you are wearing a jacket that it fits snugly, because more than 80 percent of those who die in Nevada boating accidents arn't properly outfitted.

Once the eight-hour course is completed students receive an identification card.

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