Police Cracking Down On Street Racers

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Reno Police are forming a new taskforce to crack down on illegal street racing. It's called "Operation Dragnet".

It's a *no tolerance* policy that will involve undercover cops, increased patrols, arrests, and impounding cars.

In fact a group of police will be specially trained to spot illegal cars. Those are cars that have been modified with illegal parts, like noisy exhaust systems, nitrious oxide and slick tires.

Police say illegal street racing has been a problem here in Reno for years but recently, it's gotten more popular and much more sophisticated.

"The whole concept is becoming more of a cult, more organized with websites and clubs," says Deputy Chief Jim Weston. "For example on the weekends, kids with radios to monitor when the police arrive."

If you get caught street racing the penalties are stiff. You can be fined up to $1,000 for racing - or just watching a race.

Police are talking about impounding illegal cars for up to thirty days as well. At $150 for towing and a $25-a-day impound fee, that can really add up.